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Diversity OFFER FACILITIES SERVICE Our offer The time and effectiveness of the research we conduct is a determinant for our activities and further development of medicine in Poland. Diversity SUPPORT HOSPITALS COVID-19 Support of
Our company has over 10 years of experience in providing medical services to hospitals and medical-related entities. Support of hospitals against Covid-19

Slide ZALIM-Medica S.A. ZALIM Medica S.A. is a network of imaging diagnostics facilities operating on the medical services market since 2018. In our new facility, we plan to open a multi-profile diagnostic imaging facility providing diagnostic services at the highest level. Warszawa, Polska +48 667 670 180

Slide Our facilities will have LABORATORY MAGNETIC RESONANCE Magnetic resonance imaging laboratory with 3.0 T with a modern device from Philips Healthcare and United Imagine, CLASSICAL RADIOLOGY LABORATORY Classical radiology laboratory equipped with: X-ray machine and measuring devices related to the quality control system. LABORATORY ULTRASOUND Ultrasound and Doppler ultrasound laboratory with two modern digital ultrasound devices with the options of color Doppler, spectral Doppler, Power Doppler - enabling examination of peripheral vessels with flow assessment. The devices will be additionally equipped with heads enabling transvaginal and transertral examinations as well as 3D and 4D structure assessment as well as prostate, thyroid and breast biopsy. LABORATORY PAIN TREATMENT Pain treatment laboratory using modern Carbothera devices (Japan) and ActiVessel (Israel) LABORATORY MAMMOGAPHY A laboratory equipped with a mammogram used for the early detection of breast cancer in women. LABORATORY COMPUTED TOMOGRAPHY Computed tomography laboratory with a 256-row X-ray computed tomography equipped with high resolution and angiographic options with an automatic syringe,

Slide Our goal Our goal is to provide patients with the highest standards of diagnostics, based on the quality of the service offered, the standard of treatment and healthcare, and above all, the use of the latest technologies. The time and effectiveness of the research we conduct is a determinant for our activities and further development of medicine in Poland.

In the near future, we want to expand the activities of the network of the Imaging Diagnostics clinic throughout the country, with technologically advanced medical equipment and qualified personnel.

Our activities will ensure effective and safe solving of patients' health problems in Poland.

First President of the Management Board MAREK STEINBORN Many years of professional experience acquired in managerial positions in Polish branches of SULZER, SWISSLOG, SIEMENS. In 2013, he introduced to Poland the Spanish company ASIME from the GEE group dealing with passporting, inspections and repairs of medical equipment.
The company worked for public hospitals in Poland. In 2016, based on the experience gained, he founded the ZALIM company, where he took the position of the president of the management board supervising an experienced team of technicians.
The company serves about 100 public hospitals in Poland. In 2017, a decision was made to expand the company's operations to include medical services. For this purpose, he founded the company ZALIM Medica S.A.
Support Supervisor
Second Vice Prezes Zarządu SEBASTIAN KLIMEK He started his professional career in 2001 in the banking audit department of the KPMG consulting company in Warsaw, where he participated in the work on the merger of Citibank S.A. with Bank Handlowy S.A. In 2003, he started working at Philips Polska in the internal audit department responsible for the operation of European companies of the Philips Europe capital group. From 2006, he continued his career in the Philips group as the Audit Manager for North and South America based in Boston.
His responsibilities included various projects in the medical sector within the Philips group. In 2008, he becomes an employee of Philips Healthcare North America, where he is responsible for integrating the results of the Philips Healthcare sector with other parts of the operating activities of the capital group. In 2009, he takes the position of Business Controller Africa for the Healthcare sector and becomes a board member of Philips Healthcare Africa. In 2013, Sebastian joins the EMEA team responsible for restructuring processes in the Philips group for the European region as Transition Manager.
The next step is already a member of the management board of Philips Polska and the position of financial and operational director for Poland and the Baltic countries with the areas of responsibility for finance, accounting, shared services management and administration.
In 2016, he leaves the Philips capital group and becomes a member of the management board of PZU S.A. with responsibility for the area of finance (CFO). He played an active role in many strategic projects of the PZU group, including the takeover of BPH S.A. bank. by Alior Bank S.A. which is part of the PZU group.
The following year, he takes the position of the president of the management board in Latona S.A., being responsible for the acquisition of the insurance agent's business from mBank S.A. (transaction worth PLN 550 million).

Slide STAFF The core of our business is qualified staff with many years of experience in working in public and private health facilities.

Slide Our offer EXAMINATION We offer a wide spectrum of diagnostic tests carried out on the most modern devices in Poland. DIAGNOSTICS Many years of experience of our diagnosticians allows for quick and precise diagnosis of even the most complicated cases. FACILITIES Visits to our facilities are not associated with long queues, and patients receive the results of the study on the spot. This allows you to start treatment immediately! TOP-CLASS MEDICAL EQUIPMENT We work exclusively on the latest and very precise devices from leaders of the global medical market: United Imaging Healthcare and Philips Healthcare

Slide Diagnostics Facilities Magnetic resonance imaging uMR 580 (United Imaging Healthcare) Highly efficient magnetic resonance imaging with the design of a very wide portal opening, the uMR 570 system accelerates the performance of tests and facilitates the imaging of patients whose examinations are difficult for technical reasons. Magnetic resonance imaging Digital radiography uDR 780i (United Imaging Healthcare) It uses the innovative UIH wireless flat panel detector and provides ultra high resolution in general radiography for everyday clinical applications. The UDR 780i includes intelligent, customizable features that ensure accurate diagnostic results. Tomograf komputerowy uCT 528 (United Imaging Healthcare) It was designed in such a way as to facilitate customers' access to modern technologies. Intuitive and intelligent work organization increases the efficiency and effectiveness of routine practices. The unique Z-detector along with various dose control techniques help to perform imaging examinations with care for the patient. The system also offers above-average financial efficiency thanks to reliable components and numerous integrated advanced applications. Magnetic Resonance MR Ingenia Elition 3.0T (Philips Healthcare). System Ingenia Elition firmy Philips został wyposażony w zaawansowane techniki obrazowania MR, a dzięki innowacyjnej konstrukcji gradientów i technologii RF wyznacza nowe kierunki badań naukowych z zakresu obrazowania 3.0T Computed tomography iCT CT Scanner (Philips Healthcare) Based on the latest developments in reconstruction techniques, workflow and detector technology, the iCT is setting new standards in computed tomography imaging. Ultrasound EPIQ Elite (Philips Healthcare) Equipped with the latest PureWave and xMATRIX technologies in ultrasound heads.

Slide Rehabilitation Movement organs rehabilitation One of the specialties provided in our facilities will be the rehabilitation of motor organs, including rehabilitation of hips, knees and spine. What distinguishes ZALIM Medica from the competition is the comprehensiveness of the services provided and an individual approach to the patient. Our patients can perform diagnostic tests in one place, consult them with a doctor and start the rehabilitation process under the supervision of qualified medical personnel.

Rehabilitation of motor organs at ZALIM Medica is a combination of kinesiotherapy, physical therapy and other rehabilitation methods, including systemic cryotherapy
Neurological rehabilitation Neurological rehabilitation is a way to bring a patient suffering from a neurological injury to full fitness. It allows patients to regain the ability to perform tasks independently or to be reactivated in social life.

Slide SUPPORT HOSPITALS in the fight against Covid-19 Our company has over 10 years of experience in providing medical services to hospitals and medical-related entities. In 2009, we established the company ZALIM Sp. z o.o., which provides comprehensive technical support for medical, residence, rehabilitation and laboratory
equipment in Poland.
S-ION S-ION is a new brand of antibacterial copper film that is being developed and used in different type of products. It is a medical device finally registered in the European Union, whereas for several months has been already successfully used in various parts of the world, from Asia to the USA, for one purpose only: to prevent further spread and transmission of viruses and bacteria. READ MORE CLEANPASS Zalim-Medica S.A. together with NKI Polska S.A., introduces to the market modern and intelligent new brand devices for disinfection and temperature measurement called CleanPass. Our cabins work well both during epidemics as well as seasonal diseases that constantly accompany us throughout the year. CleanPass will measure the temperature, identify the person with Face ID as well as provide full disinfection of the person. READ MORE JONIX Jonix brings Italian research, design and manufacturing to the world: you can breathe Jonix in 46 countries around the world with over 20,000 devices installed READ MORE

Slide Contacts Perfect location Address: ul. Iwicka 1/3 lok. 6
00-735 Warszawa
Phone and e-mail +48 667 670 180